Coleman Laboratories has a diversified research team, providing innovative technology for many kinds of businesses.  We were able to extend our product offerings beyond core industrial applications.

Our medical sensors and apparatus are designed to provide fluid data feedback to healthcare personnel via direct operator panels or digital interfaces. Our expertise in sensing technology ensures our medical products have the highest accuracy, and reliability at competitive prices.


  • Infusion Fluid Level Monitoring0iv_sm

The Medical Fluid Level Monitor (IV Monitor) is a stand-alone passive sensing device that alarms when the infusion fluid level is low.  It can also be used for critical applications, such as bubble detection.


  • Dialysis Fluid Sensor

The Dialysis Fluid Sensor is designed to be part of a dialysis system to monitor human bodily fluid, including blood, flow status. The sensor is precisely calibrated to the unique specifications of the fluids it monitors.


  • Fluid Identification

The Medical Fluid Identification Sensor identifies and verifies fluid optical characteristics from a known database. The ambient light filter and light intensity compensations ensure the accuracy under all operational conditions.