Core Sensing Technology


Our infrared sensing technology is the best in the industry, in terms of sensitivity and IR coder disk library.  LS series IR spectroscopy core design is widely used in chemical instrumentation across education, scientific research and wide range of commercial applications.

  • Our 256 channel system has the wavelength accuracy exceeds 0.1 cm-1 at 2000cm-1.
  • Access to information covering the entire spectral range enables the observation of the IR spectroscopic signature of all IR absorbing compounds present in the sample stream.
  • Built-in multivariate chemometrics methods enable the development and the application of quantitative methods for the simultaneous measurement of multiple components in the matrix, even if the species are spectrally overlapping.
  • Proprietary gas and liquid phase detection technology and algorithm laid foundation for our medical product lines.
  • Rugged package is suitable for combustion optimization applications.

Our research engineers continue to refine core detection technology and take full advantage of the latest packaging innovations.  Extensive commitment to research and development keeps our products on the leading edge of technology to benefit our OEM partners and end-user customers.