Environmental Health and Safety and Emergency Response for Crisis


Compliance with federal and state laws and standards on workplace health and safety requires specialized knowledge of the applicable statutes, the relevant industries, and the federal and state agencies responsible for rulemaking and enforcement.

  • Conduct compliance audits, advise clients about governmental inspections and represent clients during safety and health inspections, and in emergency situations.
  • Provide advice and evaluation of OSHA compliance in corporate acquisitions and foreclosures.
  • Mitigate both immediate and long-term implications of environmental crises, such as sudden spills, fires, explosions, or other releases that threaten the environment, employees, or public health.

We manage relations with governmental authorities, including environmental regulators and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and private parties that may be involved. We also offer advice to clients on how to avoid crises before they occur, and on advance planning for emergency response.