Strategic planning for climate change


Climate change has moved to the center of energy and environmental policy debates, posing challenges and opportunities for energy, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.  Because the goals, mechanisms, and operation of U.S. climate change policy remain in flux, it is important to understand the impact of proposals and to identify the tradeoffs inherent in different policy approaches.

  • Assist utility clients analyze the risks and benefits of alternative generation expansion plans, under a broad array of potential future CO2 and energy prices.
  • Analyze the relative merits of policy approaches and helps formulate positions that are consistent with achieving significant progress on greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Evaluate climate policy impacts on key sectors and helps companies and trade associations to understand the risks and opportunities created by different climate change policies.

We have experience both in formulating strategies to meet the challenges of future regulatory changes and in assisting companies and industries to undertake near-term tactical actions as part of an overall strategic response to climate change policy risks.