Energy efficiency management


The politicization of the energy crisis has elevated the emphasis on the energy management services market.  Businesses have a demand for energy management in an effort to keep energy cost down while either providing its employees and customers a comfortable working environment or keeping production processes run smoothly.

We use energy saving performance contracting model to provide the most cost-effective solution to both our commercial and industrial clients.

  • Provide up-to-date state and federal energy efficiency management legislation support and analysis.  Make tailed recommendations for both compliance and cost-saving purposes.
  • Provide energy efficiency certification (LEED, USGBC, Energy Star)
  • Program development for lighting retrofits and control, compressed air audits, HVAC systems, steam and boilers, power factor correction, distributed generation and propane air systems
  • Site assessments, including the analysis and identification of efficiency and usage reduction opportunities at a particular facility

Our energy management system provides real time monitoring of all business activities and industrial process to make dynamic recommendations to deliver our performance commitment.