Combustion optimization


In the power generation industry, combustion efficiency has impacts on many aspects.  The inefficient combustion leads to higher hazardous gas emissions and higher fuel consumption.

Our combustion optimization services can help our clients: 1) mitigate exposure of the owner or operator of the generation station or fleet to possible environmental penalty, due to high air pollution level; 2) significantly save fuel while generate same amount of electricity.

  • Turbine and boiler control system and DCS audit
  • Full inspection service for combustion system, make recommendation for combust process upgrades, including combustor and control software.
  • Engineering design and implement service for DLN or overflow reburn technologies, and close-loop emission feedback system
  • Onsite system programming for combustion parameters, dynamical combustion balance test and modifications.

Our comprehensive optimization services not only make sure the combustion units are running at the best conditions, but also lower long-term maintenance costs due to less harmful combustion residuals in the system.